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Modern House




Zach & Family:

  Zach and Parham got started investing in real estate during the 2008 recession.  Simply put they moved and couldn’t sell their first house, so it was converted to a rental.  This first rental while not very profitable lead to the idea that done correctly this could become a life changing and profitable career path.  The life changing part involves all concerned.  Mosaic provides good stable housing to people who traditionally have faced housing instability.  This has greatly improved the lives of tenants, and their families.  It is also the reason why so many of our tenants are placed by referrals.  Creating such a positive atmosphere keeps Zach & Parham actively engaged and eager to grow the business as it brings so much positive energy to all parties.

Stephanie & Family:

   Stephanie and Arkady always had an interest in real estate investing and got their start in 2018 by seeking educational opportunities to learn the ins and outs of the industry and grow their network.  Arkady is an Engineer by trade and Stephanie is a Technical Salesperson.  Having traveled extensively for work, Stephanie and Arkady noticed shortcomings in accommodations for traveling professionals.  Together they use their skills to bring high quality furnished rentals (also know as temporary housing) to the market.  Beyond traveling professionals, these properties are also well suited for vacationers, those coming to the area for the Cleveland Clinic, families that need accommodations while homes are being remodeled, etc.  



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