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& Procedures 

Lock Out Policy:

            We suggest that you keep a key in a hidden location that you will always have access to.  Whatever you choose for location make sure you can always access it, and please keep the location secret.    

            If you become locked out of your rental unit, please call either Zach (440.525.6450) or Parham (440.525.1604) to request lock out assistance.  We will send someone out to unlock your door if possible.  The fee associated with this service is $25 during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8am -5pm) requests received after this time will be $50.  Payment is required at time of service (cash, credit card, or check). 

            If it is not possible to bring a key to unlock the door you may call a locksmith, we have used       G & L Locksmith (440.974.0550) in the past and we have been happy with their service.  You are not required to use any particular locksmith.  If you call the fire department to open your door, they will damage the doorframe and you will be charged for the repair costs which almost always exceed $250. 

            We will not under any circumstances unlock the door for someone who is not listed on your lease! 

Lock Change Policy:

We highly encourage you not to give keys to your home to people who you do not want in your home.  From time to time we receive requests to change locks due to a person having a key that is no longer allowed on the property.  We will accommodate these requests during normal business hours.  There is a cost associated with providing new locks.  A typical lock set costs about $25, if you have multiple locks understand the cost goes up by approximately $25 per door.  We charge a $50 service fee to replace locks with new locks.  This is addition to the costs of the new locks.

Clogged Pipes:

Pipes do clog from time to time, when they do please call either Zach (440.525.6450) or Parham (440.525.1604).  There is no charge for the cleaning of pipes blocked due to tree roots.  There is a $250 fee for cleaning of drains that are backed up due to the flushing of inappropriate items or foreign objects.  Inappropriate items include everything except what comes out of your body and toilet paper.  The most common inappropriate items that we find are paper towels, tampons, condoms, wipes.  Please do not flush anything down your drain other than toilet paper and bodily substances.     

Late Fees:

            There is a $50 late fee that becomes due if rent is not paid by the 5th of the month.  Please understand that rent is due on the 1st of every month.  We provide a 5 day grace period.  Rent is due on the 1st,  during the grace period we don’t charge fees however rent is still late.  If you pay rent on the 6th your rent is not one day late it is six days late and a late fee will apply.  There are times that due to unique circumstances we will agree to waive a late fee.  Waived fees are a one-time exception and do not constitute a change in your lease or our policies 


            Pictures are taken of every unit prior to move in and each property is expected to be returned in a condition similar to that of when it was rented out, minus normal wear and tear.  Your rental unit should be returned move in ready, simply removing all of your belongings does not constitute cleaned.  The refrigerator, stove, and bathrooms must be cleaned.  Carpets should be vacuumed, fan blades wiped down, etc.  If a professional cleaner is hired to clean your rental unit the cost will be deducted from your security deposit.  The cost of a professional cleaner is $30 per hour with a minimum bill of 4 hours time. 


            While we do not expect there to be damage to any rental unit when a tenant moves out it is understood that on occasions, it happens.  We perform most of our maintenance repairs in house and the fee for repairs is $30 per hour for unskilled labor, $50 per hour for skilled labor, all maintenance that cannot be performed in house will be billed at cost plus 15%. 

            Some Examples of damages are holes in walls, repainting of walls, destroyed flooring, broken or damaged cabinetry, water damage due to spills, etc.


            No unlicensed or inoperable vehicles are allowed on any of our properties.  Vehicles that are in violation of this policy or any Municipal Ordinance are subject to being towed.  If your vehicle is towed you will be solely responsible for the cost of towing and storage.  Any vehicle left abandoned on or at a rental property will be towed and there will be an additional $250 fee for the abandonment charged to the lease holder.  We use multiple towing contractors for our properties, Vitalone’s Towing (440.975.2850) and Fast & Friendly Towing (440.477.3206) are our primary towing companies.  The rates for each provider are posted at our multi-family apartments. 

Move Out:

            Prior to move out you need to provide notice.  We require notice to be given prior to the start of the billing period that you intend to be your last full billing period.  For example if your are planning on moving out February 15th, notice must be given prior to January 1st.  If you are planning on moving out at the end of February you only need to give notice prior to February 1st.


Please understand that many of our rental units are in multi-family buildings.  We expect everyone to be respectful of their neighbors.  Tenants may not disturb the quiet enjoyment of any other tenant in the building or surrounding neighbors.  The tenant is responsible for adhering to the quiet hours.  Quiet hours are from 9:00pm to 8:00am Monday through Friday and 10:00pm to 9:00am on Weekends and Holidays.  If the tenant or their guest violate the quiet hours policy on three separate documented occasions, the tenant is in violation of the lease agreement.  The landlord reserves the right to charge the tenant a penalty of $50 and/or evict the tenant, the decision of which is the sole right of the landlord.

Police Calls:

            We expect our tenants and their guests to behave themselves in an appropriate manor at all times.  If the police are called to a unit three times in a 12 month period, it will be considered a material violation of our policies and procedures.  We will begin the eviction process immediately. 

            Police calls due to violent acts or threats will be considered a material violation of your lease and the eviction process will begin immediately.  

Guests / Roomates:

No guests will be allowed to stay for more than 7 consecutive days.  Guests that stay beyond that can establish residency and this places your rights as a tenant in jeopardy.  We have had to evict tenants because their guest would not leave.  Please do not put yourself or us in that position. 

            Roomates are allowed on a case by case basis.  All roomates will need to pass the same background check as the lease holder and must be added to the lease prior to moving in. 


We expect our tenants to practice good hygiene and not allow a buildup of trash in their units.  There is an expectation that trash will be placed inside of the appropriate containers provided.  Leaving trash bags on the ground beside a dumpster is not acceptable. 

Large Furniture:

Couches and other large furniture must not be placed by the dumpster or on the grounds of the property.  The disposal fee for couches and large furniture is $50 per item.  If you have large furniture that needs to be disposed of please call either Zach (440.525.6450) or Parham (440.525.1604) to arrange disposal.  If you do not wish to pay the disposal fee you are more than welcome to dispose of the furniture yourself.  Large furniture left in a unit after move out will be billed at $75 per item to be deducted from security deposit or billed if the security deposit is consumed by other damages.


            While we do not expect there to be damage to any rental unit when a tenant moves out it is understood that on occasions, it happens.  We perform most of our maintenance repairs in house and the fee for repairs is $30 per hour for unskilled labor, $50 per hour for skilled labor, all maintenance that cannot be performed in house will be billed at cost plus 15%. 

            Some Examples of damages are holes in walls, repainting of walls, destroyed flooring, broken or damaged cabinetry, water damage due to spills, etc.


Tires are not to be left on the property or placed in a dumpster.  The fee for disposal of tires is $50 per tire.  If a tire is left on a rim the disposal fee is $75. 

Smoke Detectors:

            Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors “detectors” are provided for your safety and the safety of those near you.  Your apartment / house will be provided with smoke detectors on all levels.  If you have gas appliances you will have at least one carbon monoxide detector supplied as well.  It is the responsibility of the tenant to keep the detectors in good working order.  This means the tenant is responsible for changing batteries as required.  If a detector becomes non functional please call immediately and a replacement will be provided at no charge.  Intentionally making detectors non- functional or removing detectors will be considered a material violation and may result in the either non-renewal of the lease or the immediate start of the eviction process.   


            All properties are smoke free.  Do not smoke in your apartment or home.  Smoking outdoors is allowed.  Properties that have been found to be smoked in will be charged a minimum of $500 for O-Zone treatment. 


            Drugs are not allowed on any of our properties.  Marijuana is legal in Ohio in certain circumstances, however, marijuana is not allowed on the premises of any of our properties, and consuming marijuana or any other illegal drugs on the premises is not allowed. 

Common Spaces:

            There are several common spaces throughout our properties.  These spaces are for the use and enjoyment of all tenants, we ask that you keep them clean and welcoming.  These spaces are not to be used for advertising or soliciting.  Political signs may not be posted in common areas.  Signs posted in common areas will be removed.  Signs may be posted in windows and personal spaces provided they are not offensive, and comply with all municipal ordinances.


            Repainting is not allowed under any circumstances.  If a unit is found to have been repainted this will result in termination of your lease, and charges for the damages.

Maintenance Issues:

            Please place maintenance requests to  Understand that requests will be prioritized based on urgency and severity.  Our goal is to complete all requests within 14 days.  Note: tenants are expected to perform normal maintenance activities such as changing batteries in smoke detectors, replacing light bulbs, etc. 


            In case of an immediate safety issue please contact 911.  For an emergency repair such as a failed hot water tank, please call either Zach (440.525.6450) or Parham (440.525.1604)

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