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Meet The Team

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Zach Weaver

(Managing Director)

Zach is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Company.  He ensures that maintenance activities are completed correctly and in a timely manor.  Zach is the primary contact person for our tenants and investors.  Additionally, Zach is tasked with finding new investment opportunities.

Matthew Headshot.jpg

Matthew Weaver


Matthew owns and operates a successful Luxury Home Flipping business in Virginia.  As a real estate professional, he understands that all markets are different.  His “home” market does not allow for cash flowing investments.  He is a silent partner investing his profits from Virginia into the Ohio market for long term cash flow.

Parham Headshot.jpg

Parham Weaver

(Finance Director)

Parham oversees the financial side of the company.  She is in charge of Accounting and Rent collection.  Parham’s responsibilities include ensuring adequate reserves are kept and that the company is positioned to react quickly to market opportunities.

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Stephanie Hyde


Stephanie owns and operates a successful AirBNB business with her husband Arcady.  She specializes in AirBNB and private lending.  As a Partner with Mosaic, she adds her expertise in the AirBNB / Corporate Rental market as well as creativity and energy.  The addition of Stephanie to the team has allowed us to combine skill sets and confidently enter into additional markets.

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Options we can help with

Find a Competent Realtor, Covert your property to an annuity, discreate sale of property.

Learn the benefits of owner financing.

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