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Property Solutions

Looking to sell and want to avoid a massive tax hit?  We can help you sell your property and minimize the tax burden.  The simplest way to do this is to owner finance the property.  Sounds easy right?  You will need the right people involved to accomplish this and protect your interests at the same time.  We can either partner with you to find the right people, or depending on the property we can purchase the property, put you in touch with the correct lawyers and title company to ensure the process works for you and that your goals are accomplished.  Too many times the sellers needs are forgotten.  For example you may want some cash from your property to take care of immediate needs, but you don’t need all of the cash right now and you want it to continue working for you.  Putting money in the bank, doesn’t allow it to still work for you.  Loaning it against your asset allows it to continue working for you and you know the asset backing up the loan.  If the buyer doesn’t perform you get your asset back!      By owner financing all or a portion of the property you only incure the taxes as you receive the money.  In many cases this allows you to receive the money at a lower tax rate than if you received it all at once.  If you are creative in how you set up the transaction you can potentially avoid some taxes all together. 

Did you know that the average Real Estate Salesperson in Ohio sells approximately 4 houses per year?  That means that most real estate professionals are not even close to professionals.  Most licensed agents don’t even own their own homes…   We can help you find a Professional that understands investment real estate and understands that all sellers have different but equally important needs.

Did you know that discretion is the better part of valor?  We believe this and can help you discretely liquidate your property.  No for sale signs, no disturbing tenants, no upsetting the apple cart.

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